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    Recaptcha v1 and v2 don't send mailer


      I have set up a client's webpage with a contact form that mails to a list of different people. It's a simple contact form that you can view here (it's set up to email just me right now). I have used reCaptcha and reCaptcha 2.0 with new keys generated for each, the form executes correctly, but the email never arrives. When I don't use reCaptcha at all, the form executes and sends the email through. His site is hosted on GoDaddy. I ran the form_check.php script and it returned only two checks, PHP was okay and PHP mail config was okay. SQL was not listed at all so no check or x on it.


      Any help would be great because the mailer list is getting spammed. For a temporary fix until the above issue is resolved, I think I'm going to set up a new email with a strict spam filter and then forward from it.


      Thanks guys.