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    After Effects Not usable on project?




      I have project with various nested comps in and some rendered sequences..it opens up fine on a colleagues machine is which is a Dell with a processor of i7-6700 CPU@3.40GHz (8 cores) 16 gb and GFX card with 1Gb


      Mine is a Dell Precision T7610 with appx 60 Gb of ram and a Quadra M4000 (8GB). Processor is a Xeon(R) Es-2620v2 @2.10GHz (12 cores)


      I have enabled the GPU and now also added the GRX card in the .txt file in the adobe program folder.


      On my machine it hangs like a dog and I can even really get an previews on the comps. I have previews set to low quality (no sound also) my disk cache is set up with x 2 500 GB SSD raided.

      OS drive is also a 500 GB SSD.


      I have tried opening locally with all paths double checked are packaged correctly..but still it hangs terrible and is just not workable...also I have noticed Illustrator is hanging slightly as well...checked the comps in low quality line in the layers..turn off depth of field....I have tried all I can think


      No errors on the memory as ran a test..and tried to all updates to drivers..rolled back drivers..even put my old graphics card back in a Nvidia Quadra k4000 (3gb)..but still the same thing...machine has been rebuilt new installs of OS and apps to see if this was the issue.


      I dont understand why my colleauges machine (granted is brand new) opens this up fine but given her lower RAM...lower GRX card and minus the extra SSD.s I have why her machine is fine with it and Im having so many issues with it.


      Any advice is very welcomed

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You have written a lot, but actually said very little. You have not provided any info about the project itself and are losing yourself in technobabble. If it works on one machine, then soemthing in the project itself is inherently fouling up, which could be anything from a specific effect to a certain audio/ video CoDec. Start by cchecking these things in the AE prefs, the system settings and the relevant section of your device manager. Also rather than vaguely telling us about fancy SSDs and graphics hardware it might be more useful to actual list the full specs of the computers. Even a trivial difference in processors or audio chips on the motehrboard can cause some of these wieird behaviors.



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            jambo666 Level 1

            I'm no expert in Hardware whatsoever...thereby giving any info that I knew of in that area I was not trying to be fancy in anyway.

            I will go back and check any other preferences that I can think of might effect the project on my machine..thank you for your response.

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              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

              Hi Jambo,

              Did you ever solve your performance issue? Please let us know if you still need help.