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    Vertical line flicker in animation


      Hello to you all!


      I'm working on an animation project in AfterEffects and I have the problem that if you look closely at the vertical lines in the animation they flicker.

      You can have a look at it here: AfterEffects Vertical lines flicker - YouTube


      It gets better if I render the video with 60 frames per second but I don't have the option to give away the video with such a high framerate.

      It has to be 25FPS. So my question: is there a way to avoid this flickering even at 25FPS.


      I tried several things to avoid it:

      1. Reduce Interlaced Flicker effect: no improvement

      2. I  tried to put animated grain in the background: no improvement

      3. I slightly blurred the whole animation: a bit better, but not really


      Thank you for any suggestion!