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    How do you make phone screenshots the same size as the phones screen?

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      Hi there,


      I am doing some quality assurance on a website and needing to test on mobile devices, mainly android and iOS. I have taken some screen shots of some errors but would like them to display on my computer (1920 x 1080) at the same size as my iPhone 6s plus but as the dimensions of the screen shots from my iPhone 6s Plus are so large the actual size (dimensions), as you would expect is enormous.  What would I need the dimensions of the image to be so that it looks the same size on my computer screen (1920 x 1080 22 inches)? as if I use the measurements of the screen dimensions then I get a very small image that when I enlarge it I get's pixelated or I use the dimensions 1920 x 1080 it is still too big when viewed at actual size.