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    Big file saving question.

      Dear all,
      I am writing a foto ablum application in RIA.I want to save all the fotos in bytearray,and then save it as a file in user's computer,so that the user can open their file to retouch without downloading or uploading.
      Question is that I afraid if the fotos' filesize is too big,it may make an error such as "out of memory".
      What should I do,please?
      Thank you!
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          yigitt Level 1
          I hope you try to say AIR instead of RIA. (bcuz RIA means rich internet application = any asyn applicaiton including ajax etc)
          If you try to make it as a RIA application (which means it runs in a browser), you can not touch to client's file system so you need to send the data to server to make it downloadable.(any php script that will get the bytarray, return an image would work for this case)

          for the AIR case, you dont need to worry for the file size unless the user does not have enough space.
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            laster11 Level 1
            Thank you yigitt!!
            Base on the flash player 10,we can open and save a local file.So I would like to open more than one local picture,and save their bytearray in one file.This may have no any uploading or downloading.But I am afraid if the RIA could use the hard disk as virtual memory,in order to avoid the error as "out of memory"?
            Thank you!