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    Captivate is missing actions from a software simulation demo

    ahadonna Level 1

      I am having issues with Captivate missing actions from a demo software simulation recording I am doing.  It has missed out some drag and drop mouse selections and when I scroll down.  It doesn't seem to switch over to a video syle when I do these actions that according to the manual is should do an simply misses those actions out completely. All the setting I have seem correct and my colleages use the exact same template and do the exact same actions and their Captivate software captures all the actions.


      I don't know what I'm doing wrong.  Can anybody help?

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This can sometimes happen if Captivate is not picking up an event where you drag and drop or scroll on the particular software you are trying to capture.  There is an option in the settings for a keystroke combination you can hit to manually trigger the video capture at a given point and then stop it when you want.  You may simply need to resort to this manual method.  Not everything is going to work automatically all of the time.