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    Shaper Group construction

    Rick E Johnson Level 1

      I'm having trouble finding documentation on the internal construction of a Shaper Group. My plugins deal mostly with path art and since Shaper Groups appear to be similar to Effects, I'm curious how to access their visible and hidden paths, or if I really want to do that. My sense is that users will often think of Shaper groups as the path art it appears to be.


      I sure miss the debug window for figuring out things like this!


      Any guidance would be much appreciated.

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          Rick E Johnson Level 1

          I'll stand corrected: Shaper Groups are indeed Plugin Groups. I'm working in Hot Door's CORE, where there is no direct counterpart to the AIPluginGroup suite. I won't fault CORE, as my old plugin group code just didn't translate as easily as usual. After more exploring (which would have gone MUCH better if the debug window were still around) I found what I needed, and also that CORE also supports plugin groups albeit from a little different approach than the SDK.