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    InDesign 2017 can not save in place, requiring save as.


      I work for a Magazine that recently upgraded from CC 2015 to 2017.


      The problem we are having is, when one of us opens a file for editing (that had already been converted from 2015 and saved & closed a few times) we can sometimes not "save in place" and are forced to "save as" with a new name.


      That is to say, we "might" be able to "save as" with the same name and replace, but because of this anomalous behavior, we choose to save a new version of the file to be safe.


      We don't understand why every so often we can't just "save". It behaves as if we just converted the file or as if it were a template, requiring a "save as". Version 2015 and previous never did this.


      I have a theory that because the converted file may still have some "legacy code" in it, InDesign mistakenly thinks it was just converted - although it does not say [converted] in the file name title bar when this happens.


      We all use Mac OS running the latest version of El Capitan 10.11.


      And, full disclosure, we save to a Windows 2012 file server over AFP (not SMB) using Acronis (Formerly ExtremeZ IP). We know saving to a file server is not sanctioned by Adobe, MS or Apple, but the AFP service software has resolved all other InDesign issues we had using SMB protocol.


      If anyone has seen this or has a clue as to what is happening (on a file server or a local drive) please let me know.