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    Will CF2016 allow Oracle ojdbc drivers to work with REF CURSOR ( cfprocresult) ?

    kilokilo777 Level 1

      Will newer versions of CF (cf11 or CF2016) allow you to use Oracle's ojdbc thin drivers (12g) along with REF CURSOR? I know ojdbc drivers did not allow CF ref cursors in older versions... We must use ojdbc drivers:


      The Oracle JDBC thin driver oracle.jdbc.thin works fine with proxy authentication. But doesn't work with stored procedure REF CURSOR parameters. The ColdFusion documentation for cfprocresult states "You cannot use [REF CURSORS] with Oracle’s ThinClient JDBC drivers." Is this statement up-tod-date? Does it apply to the current v11/12 Oracle JDBC driver? Is there any workaround that allows REF CURSOR parameters?