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    Premiere Pro CC 2017 live text template broken


      I have been exporting live text template files from After Effects for use in Premiere. If this worked consistently, it would be a great feature. Unfortunately, it seems to break every time I use it.


      When I first import the template, and begin duplicating it and editing it (in this case for lower thirds) it works fine. I edit a whole sequence and no problems. Then at some point (possibly when I export, or if I close and re-open Premiere) I am met with the multi-coloured screen of unlinked footage.


      Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 13.14.45.png

      I am using the latest updates of After Effects and Premiere. All I can imagine is that it isn't talking properly to an Illustrator file that the original After Effects composition is using. Illustrator is also on the latest update.


      I have checked and all of the working files it should need are seemingly in the right place.


      Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 13.22.25.png


      Anyone have any idea why this process works half the time, then half the time breaks completely? And there also seems to be no way to manually relink the footage?