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    IOS 180x180 icon is all black.


      I have a PhongeGap app that has been in production for about a year.  I just added an IOS icon that is 180x180px (for the iPhone 6plus).

      That icon is fine in the www/res/icon/ios folder (along with 19 other icons).  But Phonegap Build makes that icon ALL BLACK when it copies it into the .ipa file.

      All the 19 other icons work great.

      Is this is known problem, or is there a fix or workaround for this?


      Here is what the icon looks like in the www/res/icon/ios folder:

      Here is my config.xml entry:

      <icon src="www/res/icon/ios/icon-180.png"  width="180" height="180" />


      NOW - Here is what it looks like in the .ipa file  (I downloaded the .ipa file generated by PGB, changed it to a zip, and unzipped it). Note that all the other icons are fine, but just the 60x60@3x is completely black.


      The app is #1907492, 'Anderson Island Assistant' under 'support@postersw.com.  Using PGB with CLI 6.5.0.

      I have tried remaking the icon.180 file several times. I have tried different file names.  I have tried putting the icon in the root directory.  It always shows as black.

      When I remove the <icon> entry from the config.xml, the icon disappears from the .ipa file  (it is not replaced with the phonegap default icon).