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    playing movie clips in order

    dazzlah Level 1
      Sorry if this sounds obvious but I've been racking my brain trying to figure this out for a while! I'm creating a flash presentation in CS3. I have created each section of the presentation as seperate movie clip symbols - How do I get my seperate movie clip symbols to play in the correct order? I've tried adding the movie clips to different layers of the main timeline and also on different frames on 1 layer but this doesn't seem to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (I need the movie clip symbols to finish playing there sequence before it moves on to the next movie clip symbol)
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          I would make an empty movie clip and load your first movie into that clip. At the end of the timeline for that movie clip, add a key frame with some actionscript that loads the next movie clip into the same movie clip and repeat the same for the other clips.

          Actionscript to create empty mc and attach movie from library with name chapter1:

          _root.createEmptyMovieClip("holderMc", 999);
          holderMc.attachMovie("chapter1", ch1, 1001);

          Actionscript to put in movie clip presentation at end of timeline:

          _root.holderMc.attachMovie("chapter2", ch2, 1001);

          Of course your MC instance names may vary, but you can you something similar to this code...

          There are many ways you can go about doing this, but I'm asuming that you have you movie clips loading from your library, not as external SWFs, correct? Hope this helps...
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            dazzlah Level 1
            Thanks DLMAES, i'll give that a go, I will have to load external swf files into the same presentation aswell, whats the best way to do that?


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              You're welcome, your actionscript to load and external swf should look something like this:

              holderMc.loadMovie("myfile.swf", 1001);
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                If it is linear playing, you can also create scenes and put each clip on its scene's main timeline. By default flash plays scenes following numbers scene1, then scene2, then....scene X.

                Your first solution would work if on main timeline you extend frames for the duration of each clip. Say clip1's lenght is 210 frame, clip2 is 300 frames, and clipX is X frames. On root create three blank keyframes: one at frame1, the second on frame 211, the third at frame 512 (label the keyframes accordingly) then simply put each clip on the keyframe were it should appear.

                Scenes are better than having one long main timeline though.
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                  That is true evrardBlom... thanks for your insight!