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    Current Build - PPBM

    MyerPj Level 3

      I ran the PPBM a few times on my current machine. I can't tell from the results, but I would have thought my disk time would have been higher? Also, my time seems to be slghtly better than the 2600K listed on the website. Here's the results:




      P8Z68 - 2017-03-22_12-00-55.png

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          RjL190365 Level 5

          For the most part, those results are typical for a system with a non-overclocked (or default Turbo'd) i7-2600K with a mid-range Fermi-generation GPU. However, the 306 MB/second result in the Disk I/O test is below average for a SATA SSD. This is because you have a budget SSD (an OCZ Trion 100) as your secondary (media/projects) SSD - the Samsung 850 EVO, even at the 250GB capacity point, is capable of well over 400 MB/second in the PPBM Disk I/O test (based on my own testing). What's more, the i7-2600K in the CPU-intensive MPEG-2 "MPE Off" test is only slightly faster than my i5-6500 result in that same test.


          And the over-300-second result in the H.264 Blu-ray export test is proof that mid-range Fermi GPUs simply cannot keep up with even a mediocre budget Maxwell GPU, let alone the higher-end Pascal GPUs, in Blu-ray exports.


          Also, I noticed that you're still running Windows 7. Windows 7 simply does not have the disk I/O performance as newer Windows OSes such as Windows 10. And that's not to mention that USB 3.0 support is not as complete in Windows 7 as it is in Windows 8 or later.

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            MyerPj Level 3

            Excellent, thanks for that rundown!

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              MyerPj Level 3

              Here's the best I could get from my i7-2600k - I've been using it without the TURBO on in the bios, but I had run it that way for a long time. So, this is turbo boosted to 4.4ghz. I ran this with the PPBM project folder,  on the P: drive (850 evo 256mb) with the default media cache locations (c:) This looks to be a bit faster than the 2600k on the PPBM website and also my original results in the OP, which were without the turbo mode on. I don't know why I can not get any better on the Disk I/O test, but this was about it. Is Win7 slower than Win10?



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                RjL190365 Level 5

                That is about what I expected for a second-gen i7 that's overclocked to 4.4 GHz. A bit slower than even my default-Turbo'd i7-4790K @ 4.2 GHz.