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    HD crashed. New HD. Re-installed CS3 but software gives me the runaround ...

    JJSchwartz Level 1

      ... about whether I qualify for an upgrade, which I don't and am not interested. Since I don't I'm forced to 'quit' and CS3 shuts down.


      I've loaded CS3 twice fm disc and once fm download and still get the same mumbo-jumbo. I also 'chatted' for over an hour with Photoshop in India and finally the guy wanted to get on board remote my PC to check out, etc. Last time I had a techie do that I spent an hour corrected the mess he made so NO ONE monkeys with my PC. Thing is that my CS3 is registered with Adobe - I checked, so 'they' know that I legitimately own this product.


      This should be real easy but I guess it isn't. (Getting to this place in the form wasn't easy either!) I sure could use some help.