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    Recommendations for Interactive Touch Screen and conversion for website


      I have a client needing to create some interactive touch screens for their show rooms and my initial thoughts were to use flash and output as a Projector as I had done that previously for some Museum Touch screens and they worked well. 


      It turns out they're wanting the interactive to not only play on their touch screens in their show rooms but also run on their website, which means it needs to run on multiple browsers, including the ability to run on tablets like the iPad. My questions are:


      1. Is Flash still an option since it needs to run on multiple devices or would you recommend something else?

      2. Also, whats the smartest way to work around the different screen resolutions (e.g.: 1920x1080 touch screen, 960x540 for website etc…), without having to create two different sized interactives?


      Any recommendations or suggestions would be very appreciated.