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    Programmatically search and edit strings in PDF forms


      Being an experienced .Net programmer but Acrobat-scripting newbie, I have no idea if what I want to do is difficult or even possible. Here's the big picture:


      Using Acrobat scripting or VB.Net as a carrier code, I want my app to search through PDF files (static forms and labels with variable data) within a folder for a given literal string and copy only those files to another folder.


      I then want a second app to search those copied files for a different literal string (form label) and replace its corresponding data with another literal string.


      Possible? How?

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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          Searching is possible in theory. Form fields and static. Intents are completely different so a very different job must be done for each. Editing form fields is also possible.  Editing static content is impossible.


          Within in this framework, all programmers need to download and read the Acrobat SDK. To many people's disappointment it does not hold samples to adapt. Instead, programmers need the basic tech level to read endless descriptions of APIs and construct their own solutions. Experienced programmers with time for study should be fine. 


          Finally it's worth noting that Acrobat must not be used on a server.