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    Timer does not expire as it should, need help

      I am developing an application that plays multiple sound files at different time offsets. For example, snd1 starts at time offset 0 and snd2 starts at time offset 3000 ms (3 sec). I have created a timer for each sound file and enabled the handlers via addEventListener() function. The sound files start playing at the correct time offsets but I encounter a problem after the timer has been stopped because the user pressed the Pause Button. When the user presses the Play Button, the timer seems to be reset because the onTimerComplete() function is triggered after an additional 3000 ms (3 sec). Is this normal behavior? If this is not the correct behavior, is there a solution to accomplish what I need done? Any help would be appreciated.

      I have created a small application in Flash CS3 that depicts the problem with just a single sound file. I have Flash Player installed. Sample code is below.