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    CC Library colors are different in AI Draw.

    broachindy Level 1



      I recently picked up an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil so that I could do a fair amount of my work on the go, and then finalize at my desktop. I have run into a setback that I am hoping someone can explain or if not Adobe to be made aware of and fix.


      Since I am working on a monthly running graphic novel, I have saved roughly 30 colors into my CC Library for use in PS. When using Illustrator Draw on my iPad I am able to see those colors and use them, however, they are way off. I can tell a difference on my iPad as they look way brighter, almost neon. At first, I thought maybe it was just the difference of the screen but when I imported them back into PS and compared they were indeed different colors. So now, I am having to go through all of my layers and correct the colors.


      My illustrations are in CMYK on both my desktop PS and iPad Illustrator Draw.


      Any solution to this?


      Thank you,