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    Adobe Digital - Too Many Activations and Support cannot locate my Adobe ID


      I recently reset my laptop and tablets, both of whom had been authorised to

      use eBooks using my Adobe ID.


      Unfortunately, when I reinstalled all the software and went to authorise

      them again, I received the error message E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS


      From the Forums and Adobe's help, I contact Customer Support in order to

      reset the number of activations.  However, I was told that I did not have

      an Adobe ID using my main email address (i.e. the one that I used

      previously to authorise my laptop and tablet to use eBooks) and to go to

      the forums.


      On follow-up, I was told that there was another Adobe ID using an old email

      account where the number of activations was "good to go".


      Can someone confirm with me the following (given Customer Support said that

      they can assist with activations only and all other problems must go onto

      the forum)


      1 - Do I have one or two Adobe ID's?

      2 - What email account is registered with my Adobe ID/s?

      3 - Do I have sufficient computer activations remaining so that I can begin

      to enjoy my eBooks again?