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    Replace 1 placeholder with 50 images and render it




      I have done a animation with 1 image. Now i want to do the same animmation but with a different image, since i need to do this for about 50 images I wanted to ask

      what is the best way to do this. Is there a script? Or can I que it somehow with nests?


      thank you very much for a answer!


      kind regards


      P.S. as you can see i am a total beginner in AE.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If all the images are the same size and the animation will work for all on them then you can select the image layer in your first animation and press the u key twice to reveal all modified properties of the layer. Now drag a selection around all of these modified properties and then use the Animation menu to save an animation preset.


          Now you you can select all 50 of your new images I the project panel and use the File menu to create a new comp from the selection. You will be given the option of creating a new comp from each section.


          Now or open each of the new comps, select the image layer and use the Animate menu to apply your saved animation preset. The first time you do that pay attention to the keyboard shortcut to apply the last preset.


          If your composition is more complicated than a single layer of that animation will need a lot more details.  This will be a lot simpler at this point in your career than trying to learn how to do a script. There will be no existing script that will automatically create an animation that matches your original.