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    7 day trial on current/paid subscription


      After having a very painful chat with Adobe support I thought I would try here.


      I understand that this has been an occasional problem for some people and signing out and back in to the CC app solves it. Initially it did for me as well.


      Now every time I want to use Photoshop I have to uninstall the creative cloud app and reinstall. Otherwise PS is stuck in trial mode. What is interesting is it is limited to PS and Premier. Lightroom opens just fine.


      So every time I close PS, restart my PC, or Windows updates restart my PC I get the dang 7-day trial error. Initially signing out and back into the CC app solved it. Now that no longer works and I have to remove and reinstall. I've been going on 3 months like this.


      After explaining this 4 times in chat, all I got was " yes you have to sign in to creative cloud to not have trial"....  


      This is getting frustrating.