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    Revamping using adobe muse



      I have three wordpress website(interpool, luminzo, stackon). three a good with seo. but my websites facing some sort of problem. some saying interpool is lacklustre.  luminzo developed using parallax scrolling method but not so good. stackon is also not good. i am thinking about revamping my website. can i use adobe muse for this magic trick. and Is there any tool from adobe for seo and social media marketing.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Muse doesn't do Wordpress, so you are looking in the wrong place. Beyond that this has nothing to do with WP vs. Muse or any of that. Your pages are simply poorly designed to begin with. They won't get better just by throwing a ton of Muse widgets on top. You need to hire a better graphics designer.



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            Preran Adobe Employee

            When you say lackluster, good, not so good, I don't know what you mean.


            Can you provide us with specifics on what you would like to see improved through Muse that isn't possible through Wordpress?




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