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    Corrupted photo in Lightroom




      I've had this happen to me a few times in the past. I am using Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC 2017 on a iMac running OSX Sierra.


      I edited a photo in Lightroom over the weekend, exported it and it worked fine, then yesterday I attempted to modify it again, went into the develop module, and as I got in, all of a sudden, my photo is corrupted, no sign of it, just a bunch of coloured lines on a white background. I tried opening the RAW file in Photoshop but it displayed it the same corrupted way.


      Attempts to delete the photo from the catalog and importing again did not correct it. The photo is on an external drive, so I went in with my other mac (macbook) with photoshop CC 2017 and was able to open and edit the photo so I know that the source raw file is OK.


      Would anyone know how I can tell Lr and Ps on the first Mac to forget everything they know about that photo and reload from the original RAW file?


      Thanks in advance,