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    Extra names in Conditional Build Tags


      Hello. I am inheriting a project from another developer in RoboHelp 2015. It's been years since I last looked at this project, and it's evolved on its own under his purview.


      One thing that has happened is that a conditional build tag apparently has some additional names (synonyms?). For example, when I assign the tag for JAA_Mo_Kan, the HTML updates to:


      <meta name="build tags" content="JAA_Mo_Kan,MoKan_SMW,MoKan_SMW" />


      This tag itself is harmless, I'm sure, but I keep getting error messages with a different CBT. The first name is correct, but the second (and possibly more?) names consist of several non-English characters interspersed with illegal characters. While the sample code I included is innocuous enough, I'm struggling with another tag. Maybe even more than one?


      I'd like to keep the original names of these tags, so I'd like to focus on cleaning these tags up. I cannot find in RoboHelp where I can remove synonyms.

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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Those don't look like synonyms, they look more like build tags or content categories maybe.

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            kevin.elmore Level 1

            I could see that. When I go into a topic's properties and look at the conditional build tags, I only see the JAA_Mo_Kan one (the correctly named one). The others do not show up.


            I just realized I forgot to include that my "fix" didn't work. I tried deleting the remaining terms (for the one with the non-English and illegal characters). The changes did not stick.

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hi there


              While I'm aware that Synonyms exist in RoboHelp, those only apply to the search. To my knowledge, there is no such feature when it comes to Conditional Build Tags. So the assumption I would make with this is that someone intentionally created these tags at some point in the evolution. So I'm not surprised in the least that you aren't finding any mechanism to remove "synonym tags", as they simply don't exist to begin with!


              The question I might ask would be if you see the same tags in the Conditional Build Tags pod. And if you do, it would suggest that those indeed are separate tags that were intentionally created and applied. If you DON'T see the tags listed in the Conditional Build Tags pod, it suggest that something has gone awry with the internal mechanisms of RoboHelp's project tracking. And in that case, I'd suggest you try clobbering the CPD file.


              Click here to watch a video about how to clobber the CPD file


              Cheers... Rick

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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                What do you see in the build tag pod?


                See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring information




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                  kevin.elmore Level 1

                  Peter, in the CBT pod are the tags that I expect to be there: Internal_Only, JAA_All, JAA_Mo_Kan, JAA_Plumbers. The additional build tags after the comma do not show up.


                  Ha, and I just realized that the example I pasted had MoKan_SMW twice. It just occurred to me as I opened a file with:

                  <meta name="build tags" content="JAA_Mo_Kan,MoKan_SMW,MoKan_SMW,MoKan_SMW,MoKan_SMW,MoKan_SMW" />


                  This developer was the type of person to make up tags rather than look up the proper name (which is why we have a list of approved names in the first place). So I decided to create a tag called MoKan_SMW. I recall that when RoboHelp gets corrupted, then fixing it can remove the CBTs, so it's not surprising if this was created.


                  And while the properties of the topic does show both JAA_Mo_Kan and MoKan_SMW as selected, when I deselect MoKan_SMW, it not only doesn't remove it, but it adds more in the HTML:

                  <meta name="build tags" content="JAA_Mo_Kan,MoKan_SMW,MoKan_SMW,MoKan_SMW,MoKan_SMW,MoKan_SMW,MoKan_SMW,

                  MoKan_SMW,MoKan_SMW,MoKan_SMW,MoKan_SMW" />


                  That's too bad because I was really hoping that would have been the solution.


                  I'll check out Rick's video. This project is freshly enough in my hands that it wouldn't hurt to try it. I still have the backup to bring up.

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                    kevin.elmore Level 1

                    Sorry for the delay in responding. Trying Rick's suggestion of clearing out the .cpd file was a lengthy process since the project is huge. I had to catch up on some work before dedicating time to clearing out the .cpd file.


                    But doing that did indeed clobber the weird names. I still had a couple of ghost tags assigned to pages, but I was able to fix those by creating tags of the exact same name and then deleting them properly from within RoboHelp. RoboHelp stripped the help files of the excess tag.


                    The tags now look like how they are supposed to, and I can continue the process of preparing this help file. Thanks, guys.