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    Modulating the way an object moves between 2 keyframes


      Hi guys,


      I've seen a tutorial about motion design that shows how to make animations with key-frames that can be modulated by holding points in function of what you want to do. It worked before but now the points disappeared. I show you the screenshot of what I want and what I have, maybe there is an option that has been unset by miss-clicking, I don't know.


      Thanks in advance !

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          Kyle Hamrick Adobe Community Professional

          You're running into this specifically because you're trying to do it on Position. By default, your X and Y values are linked, so you'll necessarily see both of them when going into the graph editor.


          You can swap between the value graph and speed graph...
          ... which can sometimes give you the control you need, but the way to really get that fine-tune control is to separate your X and Y values into two different properties. You can right-click on the Position property...
          2.jpg...and it will split them into "X Position" and "Y Position," giving you the individual control in the graph editor that you're looking for. The gotcha with this is that it potentially becomes harder to smoothly tweak things, since you're now dealing with two sets of values, so I recommend confirming you're pretty happy with the values before splitting it like this.