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    Looking for Someone to Write us a Script to Arrange Text inside a Shape




      We are a UK based printing and embroidery business looking for someone to write us a script that can arrange peoples names into numbers, as follows:

      Sometimes there will be 200 names, sometimes just 20.  We need to make this work whatever number of names there is.

      Our current process involves us organising all of the names into one string of text with a space between each name, and copying them into a shape in illustrator as below:

      We then adjust the font size and line spacing to make it fill the shape, top left to bottom right.


      Then we adjust the tracking of each line to fill out the lines more neatly and fully (see spacing of text in first examples)


      After this we'll make a copy of it (keeping the original so that we can go back and make any edits if required, which happens a lot)


      Then we'll outline it to vectors bring the 7 (or whichever the 2nd number is) up in line with the 1 (often using guides to line it up properly)


      This will then be our usable artwork for both artwork approval and print


      Let me know if this is possible and how much it would cost for someone to make the script.


      Kind Regards


      Rob Joyce

      Yazzoo Personalised Clothing