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    Object Reaction


      I have a character with a long coat. It has two layers, one in front of the body and one behind the body. But my character also has legs, and if I move them they go between those two layers. I'm actually looking for a way to let the coat stretch or dangle along when the knees of the character go too far. Any ideas?



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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          I think I understand - so have the coat essentially have left and right "edges" that the knees can't go beyond?


          I don't think there's an easy way to do this currently, unfortunately, but it is something we've talked about before. The only way I could see it working now is if you added extra dragger behaviors directly on the leg and the coat groups/layers - then one drag should move both at the same time, but that could look weird. There might be something in the dangle parameters you could tweak too - a lot of times I play with the gravity angle, for example, to make things more or less fluid in a particular direction.

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            chrisn14887705 Level 1

            Yes, edges that the knees can't go beyond is exactly what I want. But I'm happy with any alternative that looks good enough.

            I tried out what you said, but couldn't get it work right.

            Is is possible to move more objects at the same time with just one dragger? That way I could use the legs normally, and then do another record to drag the coat to where it has to be. I tried to put draggers on the body group, but that looked weird indeed.

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              oksamurai Employee Moderator

              Every part that gets its own dragger behavior should work with just one drag.


              Here's the best I could figure out: https://adobe.ly/2mVeCQL

              If you drag, it bends his coat and knees. But drag too far and you can start to see the inner character.


              After doing this I'm convinced there's probably some hacky way to do it, but within certain limitations that are probably not what you're going for. We do hope to have stuff like this in the future though, it does come up every so often.

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                chrisn14887705 Level 1

                Thank you so much for your help! I'm still struggling a bit with sticks and fixed points, this will lead me the right way.

                One more thing: My front coat is just one part, because I want it to move exactly the same way as the back coat does (I have one group with the front and back coat, which I duplicated, and in the front coat I made the back one invisible and vice versa). So if I drag the coat and the left leg to the left, the right leg will be outside of the coat. I want the coat to be able to stretch both left and right (when I stretch left I want the right side to kinda stay at the same position). Do you have any idea how to do that?

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                  oksamurai Employee Moderator

                  Hmm - if you set the dragger to "hold in place" instead of the default "return to rest" then each draggable essentially can become a temporary fixed point because wherever you drag it last will stick. So there's probably a way to add two draggables to the one coat piece and essentially have the left stick when the right moves. My mind is doing gymnastics trying to figure out how you would rig it exactly, but I think that would be possible somehow.

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                    chrisn14887705 Level 1

                    That actually works! Thanks! It looks a bit weird, but it's not that bad. Now I have it on "return to rest" with a return duration of 3 seconds, that way the coat doesn't freeze in the air. Thanks again!