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    Best Option for Simple Animations?

      I create cartoons in Illustrator 8.0. I want to move into animating simple cartoons i will draw myself. They will range from 5 seconds to a few minutes. All will have audio.

      I don't want to buy more than i need. What is the minimum software program that i need, and what could i use that may cost a little more but would be worth it in the long run?

      Thank you so much for your opinion.
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          Walter Elias Level 2
          Depends on your style and your training as an animator, and what your project goals are: straight animation? interactivity? e-cards? Traditional animators used to drawing frame-by-frame with exposure sheets will feel more comfortable with Toon Boom Studio (www.toonboom.com). It has far superior drawing tools and color pallette management and timeline management than Flash. But if you're used to Illustrator, that may make no difference to you. It appears that the upcoming Flash CS4 will narrow the gap, as the interface appears to include enhancements that will be more familiar to traditional animators, not to mention IK, which Toon Boom Studio doesn't have (the highly expensive Toon Boom Solo does have it).

          That said, I think Flash is a great program for creating cartoon animation. You may not think you're interested in ActionScript programming at this point. I use Flash mainly for cartoon animation and I resisted ActionScript for a few years. But once you get used to Flash as an animation tool, and then decide to dip your little toe into ActionScript, you'll find out what an astounding tool it is, even for traditional animation, enabling you to do things impossible in more traditional-oriented programs. Plus now Flash and Illustrator are fairly well integrated, so you'll be able to import and export between the two.

          On balance, I'd go for Flash.