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    "View" checkbox missing when using .AVI file


      As the title, I was using AE cs6 and I found that when I drag .avi file into composition, the "view" checkbox just disappear.

      It end up only showing black background in both preview & render output. After I found this problem I tried import .mov file or jpeg and both seem normal.

      So now I know the problem now is I can't turn on the "view" for .avi file but after I checked through the settings & forums I just can't find anyway to solve this.Untitled.png

      Attached herewith the sample of my AE, as we can see I tried import different .avi files but it both unable to view in AE while other files can.


      ** The mov file is the previous composition also make from raw .avi file but at the second day my AE suddenly unable to view .avi anymore...

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          kirkeric Adobe Community Professional

          I see that the checkbox is missing.  I think of it more that it's not that it's missing but rather, AE is not recognizing this .avi as a video file or something and if not, then it will not show that check box.


          Much like, sometimes I've imported footage that I thought had audio and the audio check does not appear.  Usually, that meant there was a problem and it did not contain audio.  In your two files, however I DO see that audio seems available.


          1.  Does the audio work?

          2.  Are you able to open this avi file in Premiere and see video?


          Clearly it is not recognizing video - in my opinion.



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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            You need to transcode the problem file.  You can tell from the screen shot that there is no codec displayed -- just the fact that it is an AVI.  This means AE can not read the codec of this file.


            Find an application that will read the codec and transcode it for use in AE.

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              qwertyNT Level 1

              Yes the audio does work. I only realize the file got problem after I finish render and the video is all black with audio. (I just want to change the file into mov so I can resize it & no edit.)


              Guess it had the problem like Dave said but now I had found the other way to do that so guess I will just give up the AE for now lol.