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    Adobe  Digital Editions 4.5 for Windows 10

    DavidNB Level 1

      I have tried to download this newest version more than once. At first some books downloaded and I could transfer to device and read.  Now ADE is simply  a blank window with titles across the top and no books ( acsm ) will download.  Often I have to "end task" to close ADE program.  Does anyone have experience with this and/or know a solution??  Seems that this newest version just doesn't work properly. Previous 3.0 Version was fine but cannot go back to it as you get  "check activation message."



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          MarcoAmadeo1 Level 1

          Hi Dave,


          I have a similar problem. ADE 4.5.4 downloaded ok and then let me download a couple of library books. But then when I tried to download the 3rd book, and a number of books subsequently, ADE froze (stopped responding) at the end of trying to open the book.


          I think the problem is that ADE 4.5.4 is not completely compatible with Windows 10. I have no compatibility problems with my windows 7 computer.


          If anyone has a solution to this problem, please advise.


          If indeed, the problem is one of compatibility between ADE4.5.4 and Windows 10, Adobe, please fix the bug.


          Tnx one and all,



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            MarcoAmadeo1 Level 1

            From the research I did on the Forums, I think the solution may be to delete the clutter in the computer file "My Digital Editions" and to remove the books that didn't save properly in ADE.


            Since doing that, my ADE seems to be working without a glitch.



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              I had that problem too. I fixed it by going into C/program files(x86)/Adobe/Adobe Digital Editions 4.5. I renamed the Adobe Digital Editions program as DigitalEditions Old [took out the space between Digital and Editions. Once i did that i could open it, so made a shortcut to my desktop. Now it works fine

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                I downloaded the ADE4.5 for my ebooks for school papers, and I do not get anything downloaded onto ADE of ebooks, to read offline. What is going on, the ADE3.0 worked, but this update to 4.5 having major problems.

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                  angelam23482554 Level 1

                  When I try to open ADE 3.0 or ADE 4.0 or ADE 4.5 this is what I get.  I have deleted the files and downloaded again.  I am also having problems with viewing Powerpoint slides as a slideshow since the Windows 10 Anniversary update in October 2017.  I'm not sure if they are related, but I can't kill the ADE and it just hangs.