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    Changing where paragraphs break b/w linked textboxes?




      So I'm formatting a book for print in inDesign, and I've got one segment that's a numbered list with 3 levels. It's currently in about 5 textboxes over as many pages. My problem is this: some of the paragraph breaks occur in weird places, so that one line of a longer paragraph is isolated at the top or bottom of a page. I've tried modifying the justification settings in the paragraph style, and each of the four options seems to do the same thing, albeit in a different way. Is there anywhere else I can set the text boxes to not separate the content without making manual adjustments--or does anyone know at least which of the justification settings is usually the best for this? I was hoping to be able to set it up automatically so that it won't change when I go back and change the typeface and font sizes, etc, if at all possible.


      Thanks for the help!