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    Lr become so slowly and lag, impossible to work, but regulations ok, Mac ok, ..


      Hello everybody! I'm french, i'll try to explain my issue in a good english.


      I need to finish a book very soon, so i really need help.


      I reinstall all my setup two month ago. I work on 27' mac, now clear, i hope. I'm used to work on Lr since 2014. Everything was perfectly going on since yersterday. It's exactly if i work on a very huge photo, with an old computer, it's impossible to work, that make me mad, really!! The situation appeard in only on day, but i didn't do anything thoses days.. The issue do not increase, it's happen in an day. I thought that i was maybe a problem with the connexion with my iphone where i download LT mobile with synchronisation. So i delete it, on my phone, i break the connexion from my Lr for Mac, but still have the problem.

           I check if i were not working with photos still in the memorycard, but not, everything for me is clean. I uninstall Lr, and reinstall after, i only import, the photo i were working on, and i have the same problem.

           My mac works normaly, other app act good, no clues that make me think about a mac issue.


      May someone can help me to fix it with me, please?


      Best regards


      pierre-Yves HORS