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    Hijacked email used to create an account


      Someone used my email address to create an Adobe account. I reported it through a customer support chat (or tried to).  Worst customer support I have ever experienced.  Chat was disconnected 3 times.  Each time new agent so I requested to be connected to the previous agent or a return phone call.  Not an option, I was told.  No real concern that my email was used to create a fraudulent account.  I repeatedly asked for the account to be closed and blocked from any further activity.  Again, no luck.  Just an offer to reset the password.  Apparently, once you open an account even fraudulently, you can't close it.  Shameful customer service and poor policies.  I hope someone in Adobe management takes notice.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          unless that person also has your email password (ie, change it), all they could do is make a purchase with their money and you get the benefit.  either a pretty dumb hacker or, more likely, someone that just used your email address chosen randomly instead of their own because they didn't want to give up some privacy.


          it's the holder of the email address that has control.  just make sure no one can guess/crack your email password.