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    Export as Catalog... and include publish services


      I maintain a Working Catalog for all active jobs and then move each job to its own catalog when the job is finished. Within my Working Catalog I use multiple publish services for every job. For example, I have several SmugMug publish services to create separate published galleries for clients, vendors, twobrightlights, animoto, etc.


      When I move a completed job out to its own catalog, I lose the publish services if I use the "Export as Catalog..." feature of Lightroom.


      To retain the publish services that I've setup in my Working Catalog, I make a copy of the Working Catalog, rename it with the Job name, then remove all of the other jobs from the catalog. This leaves me with a Job catalog that includes all of my publish services as well as any publish folders I've created and populated within the Working Catalog. Needless to say, this is a pain in the neck and takes significant time.


      Is there a better way of moving jobs to a new catalog such that publish services are retained?


      This really should be a feature of the Lightroom "Export as Catalog..." function but its not. Does anyone have a better way?


      Thank you!


      Jim Vetter