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    Lightroom External Hard Drive Troubles


      1. How do I find out the size of my total library?

      - I have 2 external hard drives, 1 is my new EX HD, the other is an EX HD that couldn't be read. Both are Seagate Hard Drives. I payed $700 to have my corrupt hard drive recovered and now have to move the images from the one hard drive to the new one. I copied the folders with all images over to the new drive and attempted to import them into LR from the new drive.

      - I want to see what was uncover-able. I am aware I may have lost images.

      How do I view how many images on both my Lightroom catalogue/library and the external hard drive so that I can see how many are missing?


      2. My collections are not showing up

      -Metatags and data are still there

      How do I find all of the images that where in those lost collections? How do I get those collections back?


      3. When I go to import a folder, for example my 2012 folder which has 180 photos in it, the import acts like its going to load those images but then quickly decreases to 0 and won't recognize that those images are there. But when you go into my hard drive from finder those images are all in the hard drive and will open with preview. So why won't they import into Lightroom? All images are JPEG format.


      4. How do I compare the size of how many photos are in the 2015/2016 folders in the one hard drive to the 2015/2016 folders in Lightroom?


      5. I need help in understanding how to restore the Lightroom library with the new drive


      Please Help!!!!!!

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          dj_paige Level 10
          1. I don't know
          2. You need to find the previous catalog file that you used, and instead of importing photos into a new catalog (which seems like what you did) you want to open the previous catalog file and if necessary, point Lightroom to the new EHD.
          3. Don't import ... major mistake ... see item 2 above
          4. I don't know.


          Do you have the previous catalog file? It's name ends with .LRCAT.

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