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    No audio in mov files Elements 15


      I'm trying out a trial version of Adobe Elements 15. Thank goodness there is a trial version. I tried linking just a few videos to see what would happen. These are mov files. There is no sound whatsoever. Yes, the clips have sound when played elsewhere.


      Isn't there a really simple fix or a simple answer, e.g. this product doesn't work with mov files? I don't have time for this. I found various help forums where people were directed to go to 3rd party software, delete caches, etc. I shouldn't have to do that. I JUST downloaded the trial software and tried it for the first time. In 2017 it should work "out of the box" for any common video format.


      Could someone please verify whether this software even works with mov files? If not, I will quickly go elsewhere and uninstall the trial Elements.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          MOV files can be made up of any of hundreds of audio and video codecs and can represent an unlimited number of frame rates and resolutions.


          What model of camcorder is this video coming from and what is the video's frame rate and resolution?


          (Also please note that we're here to help -- but inappropriate language is not helpful and will not be tolerated.)

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            blahsky Level 1

            Sorry, where I come from that word is not inappropriate language.


            The mov files come from a Kodak digital camera I bought in 2010 and iphones 3, 5, 6. I don't have any further details about frame rates and resolutions. I thought this software was user-friendly and directed to the masses. If it is usable only for a certain set of frame rates and resolutions then I guess maybe I need to look elsewhere. I really wish Microsoft hadn't killed movie maker, that is what I wanted to use. I'm not trying to win an Oscar here, I just want to join together little clips of my children from babyhood til now.


            I was also hoping to eventually put my old camcorder video files together. That would be a circa 1999 Sony camcorder and again I don't have any other details.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Particularly if you plan to edit analog video, you probably should consider a different editing product.


              You don't say which Kodak camera you're shooting your video with, but that could be significant as some produce more editable video than others.


              Meantime, what makes you think Microsoft killed Moviemaker? Moviemaker Live is on my Windows 10 computer and it still works great (though I don't know how well it handles MOV files).

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                whsprague Adobe Community Professional



                Microsoft put out the word that support ended in January and you can't download it anymore.  It does not come with Windows 10.  If you managed to get it on your computer before January, or with a previous version of Windows, it will continue to work.  But, Microsoft cautions that security risks grow over time with unsupported software. 



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                  blahsky Level 1

                  Thanks. I can't tell what model Kodak camera I have by looking at it, and I didn't keep the box.


                  Re: movie maker: It has been years since I used it. My old computer was windows 7 and movie maker came with it. I used it a few times and it worked great with the mov files I had then (same Kodak camera, and iphone 3). (I resisted all attempts to upgrade to windows 10.) I bought a new computer in late November 2016 that came with Windows 10. So this week I finally have time for the first time in years to finally take those clips and put them together. I start searching for my movie maker icon--gone. I search for the program on my computer--not there. I Google and find this: Microsoft Pulls Windows Essentials 2012 Tuesday, Including Movie Maker | Digital Trends


                  So maybe you got your windows 10 before movie maker was discontinued and you were able to keep it. But for those of us starting fresh who weren't aware it was going away in January 2017 and thus failed to secure a download, we're out of luck. I found what looks like a fake scammy movie maker app (broken english, etc.) that I am not willing to try.

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    Well, it's to you if you want to continue to pursue this but, if you want us to help, we're going to need more information.


                    You can open your MOV file(s) in the free download MediaInfo and, in the program's View menu, choose Tree and post the information it reports about the file to this forum. Once we know what's in the file, we can show you how to proceed.


                    But it sounds to me like you're ready to move on.