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    Is it worth creating mobile apps using Animate CC IDE and AS3?

    JoaoCesar Level 1



      I'm building a template using Animate CC IDE and AS3 so the end user will be able to create his or her own app.


      But when I tested the template for the first time in a real device, I noticed that only using GPU render mode my app was able to run smoothly.


      So how do people develop stuff to Flash Player or AIR theses days? Is it mandatory to have a robust framework like Starling or Feathers to get a mobile app running at least at 30 fps?


      And HTML5 in Animate? Is it a good alternative for my case?


      I hope I explained correctly.


      - I don't want a code only alternative, like using Flash Develop. I do need a graphic user interface.

      - I'm afraid that the end user will not be able to run an app on his or her device properly because of performance.

      - If Animate IDE is not the best alternative, what are the others?