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    Missing Program File for Plugins




      I downloaded a plugin for AE and the instructions are to go to


      Local Drive > Program Files > Adobe > AE CC 2017 > Plugins


      and drag the plugin file into that folder. However when I go to


      Local Drive > Program Files > Adobe


      there is no AE CC 2017 file at all. I contacted Adobe support through chat and was instructed to actually place the plugin file in


      Local Drive > Program Files > Adobe > Common > Plugins > 7.0 > Media Core


      I did that, but upon reopening AE the plugin is not available in my effects & presets.

      I asked the support rep what the Common folder is for / about....and also what the Media Core folder is about...they couldn't tell me because they "are not an engineer or designer." I asked if I could chat with an engineer and was told no, that isn't possible. When I told the rep that their instructions didn't work they replied "I am sorry  we do not support this, all the information required is already provided please follow them."


      I repeated that I did  follow the instructions, and it didn't work. I then asked to speak to another rep and the reply was,  "You may but they will also give you the same answer." The conclusion of the chat was that I should post my question to the forum, so here I am.


      So, I still need help with installing this plugin.


      ps - I'd like to point out how lousy that interaction was. I pay a $50 monthly premium, which is expensive, and not only can the support rep not explain the reasoning behind the instruction they gave me, but they have the audacity to basically say, "yea I can transfer you but it's a waste of time." Excuse me, Adobe, but I pay damn good money for this and I expect that when I need help, I get qualified  help. What the hell?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What plug in? Most have installers.


          Did you do a standard install of AE?


          if there is no Adobe AE folder in your program folder then you are either not looking in the right place or you somehow fouled up the installation.


          What OS and version of AE are you using down to the last decimal point? Take a screenshot of the application folder and drag it to the reply field on this forum or print screen and paste. If you cannot find AE you should be able to reveal it with a search of your folders.

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            RikoC Level 1

            The plug in is AE Pixel Sorter


            I don't understand how to not do a standard install of AE...I use the Creative Cloud dock, and yesterday I updated to CC 2017.


            I don't know how I might have fouled up the installation either, considering I didn't do anything different than I have with any of the other apps. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc have folders within the Program Files location. Apparently instead of placing the file in Program Files my computer put AE in my documents. So I now have that located - but within the folders there is no Plug-in folder.



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              RikoC Level 1

              I'm running on Windows 7 and AE 14.1

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                Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                Hi RikoC,

                Did you ever install this plug-in? If not, please let us know. Perhaps we can assist you.