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    web services with Apache CXF

      :confused; Has anyone worked with apache CXF as a backend web service. I loaded the wsdl in with the data import tool and it did grab the wsdl correctly. I ended up running a network sniffer to see if the actual values being passwd to the backend were being done correctly. However my apache CXF puked with null values. Is the data import tool ready for prime time ? Anyone ?


      Here is the dump of the network.

      0x0350: 6164 6420 786d 6c6e 733a 746e 733d 2268 add.xmlns:tns="h
      0x0360: 7474 703a 2f2f 4465 6661 756c 744e 616d ttp://DefaultNam
      0x0370: 6573 7061 6365 223e 0a20 2020 2020 203c espace">.......<
      0x0380: 746e 733a 6164 643e 0a20 2020 2020 2020 tns:add>........
      0x0390: 203c 746e 733a 6172 6730 3e35 3c2f 746e .<tns:arg0>5</tn
      0x03a0: 733a 6172 6730 3e0a 2020 2020 2020 2020 s:arg0>.........
      0x03b0: 3c74 6e73 3a61 7267 313e 363c 2f74 6e73 <tns:arg1>6</tns
      0x03c0: 3a61 7267 313e 0a20 2020 2020 203c 2f74 :arg1>.......</t
      0x03d0: 6e73 3a61 6464 3e0a 2020 2020 3c2f 746e ns:add>.....</tn
      0x03e0: 733a 6164 643e 0a20 203c 2f53 4f41 502d s:add>...</SOAP-
      0x03f0: 454e 563a 426f 6479 3e0a 3c2f 534f 4150 ENV:Body>.</SOAP
      0x0400: 2d45 4e56 3a45 6e76 656c 6f70 653e -ENV:Envelope>