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    Dropdown quantity to populate three different text fields if one text field is populated

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      I have one drop down named Quantity and three text fields named Qty1, Qty2 and Qty3. At the moment I'm using three checkboxes to run these scripts:



      this.getField("Qty1").value = this.getField("Quantity").value;



      this.getField("Qty2").value = this.getField("Quantity").value;



      this.getField("Qty3").value = this.getField("Quantity").value;


      The scripts work fine but what I'd like to do is to eliminate the checkboxes as the triggers to place the Quantity amount into Qty1, Qty2, Qty3 text fields as I make the selections. Is there a script that would enable me to simply have the drop down populate the text fields if Qty1 is filled in (and likewise for Qty2 and Qty3 fields). Or am I stuck and have to use the checkboxes to trigger? If this is possible can someone shed some light so I can see how it can be done? Thank you.