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    ePub Animate interactive OAM files don't work in ADE and Publish Online


      I'm using CC 2017. I'm exporting a simple Animate AS3 slide show (forward/back) in OAM format, placing in InDesign and exporting as FXL ePUB. I'm experiencing several viewing problems with the OAM files.


      The ePUB plays fine only in iBooks.


      In ADE a simple OAM animation (no interactivity) plays fine.

      However, interactive OAM buttons do not function. Only the poster frame shows.

      Same results in Readium.


      In Publish Online, on all OAM pages I only get the "Get Adobe Flash Player" icon in the upper left... no images at all. (This is what I see in the InDesign EPUB Interactivity Preview window as well.) I saved the OAM back to Flash 12 and have the latest Flash plugin installed. Really? I thought this was all Adobe?


      According to Ted Padova's book "... Interactive Publishing Tips..." all this functionality should work in these formats, yet... no bueno.


      I've also tried HTML5 Canvas export for the OAM files but no luck there. The OAM pages in all readers are completely blank.


      I'd love to use ADE or Publish Online since I'd like to distribute this document to students on multiple platforms.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!