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    How do I get the device count reset for free Adobe DE?


      I was just informed that the Adobe Customer Care does not support those of us with free Adobe DE. I may be reaching my 6 device limit soon, and although I have deactivated earlier devices, it seems that this will not increase the available activations and I should get customer care to reset the limits. How then do I get the limit reset? Thanks!

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          Contact Adobe support and request they reset your Adobe ID authorization. Important: a) do NOT tell them about which application you are using. It will only derail them, b) chances are the person will tell you either it can't be done (for any number of reasons) or they don't know how -- request tech support. If that person doesn't do it or won't transfer you, try with another support person. (It took me three attempts!) After they have reset, open app, de-authorize app, close app, restart app, re-authorize app. Test to see if that fixes the problem.


          Contact Customer Care