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    How to get printer output to match reality based on photo

    Am_I_Lame? Level 1

      I have a scratch in my hardwood floor.  I'm wondering if if it's possible to take a photo of it, repair it with a Content-Aware Fill patch in Photoshop (I have CS5 on Windows 10), then print out the patch on laser decal paper (I have a color laser printer), apply it to the floor, and seal it with lacquer or polyurethane.  I realize this may be a little far fetched.  It seems to me the hardest part is getting the printer output to come anywhere close to matching the floor.  I have a Datacolor Spyder I calibrate my monitor with, but it's a consumer monitor not made for color-matching, and that does nothing for calibrating the printer (which is hardly photo quality in any case; it's an HP Laser Jet Pro 400).  I'm happy to send the file to a service, but I don't know what's involved in calibrating my output to their printer, though I assume I'm not the first person to need to do this sort of calibration remotely. 


      I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'm pretty sure someone here can point me in the right direction if it isn't.  Thanks for any help.