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    Best Practice for Repetitive Elements (header, footer, menu bar)

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      Hi everyone,

      just been practicing with XD in the last few days.


      I've been using Photoshop for frontend layout, but I'd like to swap to XD for better live prototyping with my team. Mostly web and mobile sites, no app.


      However there's one thing I'd like to understand as best practice.

      On my website I have elements like header and footer, which they're pretty much always in same position. In Photoshop I've created linked smart objects for them such as Header.psb Footer.psb Menu Bar.psb, pretty much every section which is repetitive I've save it into a single linked smart object, so when I need it, I just place linked the file, and if I modify that single linked it will apply to every artboard where it's showed. Boom, simple as that.


      Long story short:

      What's ideally the best practice to have this method applied in XD?

      Should I use the Symbol panel for it?

      But what should I prefer to save, the whole header as a single object, or into multiple elements (search bar, cta, logo, account icon etc.)?



      please give us glyphs panel to use fontawesome libraries and stylistic alternates, thanks!