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    How to set a language detection for google users to access the right URL's on my Website?


      Hello everyone,



      My question sounds perhaps a little bit long but here's the point : Being in Belgium, I must have a multingual website (Dutch and French). The URL's of my main page are:

      www.thinkntalk.be & http://www.thinkntalk.be/index.html


      http://www.thinkntalk.be/fr-thinkntalk.html (French version)

      What we would like to do is that when a french user is searching for our website on Google, he would land on our french URL mainpage, not on the dutch one!


      How can we solve this problem so our website would automatically "detect" the language user ? According to Adobe Muse support, it requires extra coding...


      Thanks for reading and helping us!





      *I know the fact of having two URL's linking to a single page is considered as duplicated content... This problem is currently being solved