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    Dropdown Field populated by another Dropdown Field


      I have 2 dropdown Fields.

      One Field has x Options. The other field has no available options by deafault, but should get different options based on the value of field1.


      Currently I wrote this script, but it isn't quite working as intended


      this.getField("Field2").clearItems(); //deletes anything in field2
      if (this.getField("Field1").value != "") // Proceed to check different options only if field1 isn't empty in the first place
          if (this.getField("Field1").value == "Option A") // Is the value of Field1 "OptionA"
               values = [" A", "B", "C", "D"]; // Initialize array with possilbe choices
               this.getField("Field2").setItems(values) //Add choices to the dropdown field "Field2" 
          if (this.getField("Field1").value == "Option B") //repeat for option b   
               values = [" D", "E", "F", "G"];  
      // Add as many more Options as you want. 

      Right now Field2 is populated with the right Items, but due to the problem that this script is getting executed with every new tick, the list gets cleared and re-populated over and over again, prohibiting me of selecting anything but the first value of my List in Field2.

      What I need would be some condition, so my script only runs once when Field1 changes it's value.


      Keep in mind that I am not an expert to javascript. I worked with Java before, but I neither have much expierience in Javascript nor with Acrobat DC.