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    Cancel plan & keep credits?

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      I'm looking for answers on the following questions related to "what happens if i cancel my stock subscription"

      -I used to pay 9,95 and I'm now looking at 29,95. Why? I didn't receive any notifications.

      -When I cancel: when does my subscription actually stops?

      -When I cancel: can i still login and use the 78 credits i've collected so far?

      -Is it possible to (re)start a subscription and start building new credits?


      Please help!



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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Hi Nico


          The special offer Stock plan for Dollar Photo Club customers was valid for the first year then renews at the regular price for the 10 images/month Stock plan.  I'm sorry if you didn't receive the notification - we're looking into this.


          If you cancel, the subscription stops at the end of your billing month.  You would need to use any remaining credits before this date.


          If you restart a Stock subscription within 30 days the credits would be reactivated.


          Common Questions, Adobe Stock


          If you need further assistance with your plan, please contact our support team - Contact Customer Care


          Kind regards



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