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    How can you turn a picture/png into an Alpha Inverted Matte. AE




      I am currently creating an animated logo in Adobe After Effects CC and I have come into an stumbling block. I have wanted to create a poked out logo where you can see the video to come filling the words. For an example see > ARCTIC - Visual Vibes - YouTube


      I have created the same effect for my written logo by using an Alpha Inverted Matte on a solid with the text layer above the solid. The issue I am having is with the vector icon I have as my picture logo. It is a PNG and for some reason is not being picked up by the Alpha Inverted Matte. I want to create that same effect with the vector icon where you can see the video filling the shape which will eventually transition into the written logo I have already sorted.


      Has anyone any knowledge to share on this? It would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.