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    Curving a path around circles?


      Hello guys, so I saw this design and I liked it

      I was wondering how can I do it in photoshop?

      I mean how can I draw the line that goes around the circles and take into account the constant space between it and the circles so it's perfect.


      thank you.



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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          This is best done in Illustrator, but if you really want to do it in Photoshop I would approach it like this (simplified example below)


          Put some guides at the centre of your proposed circles


          Use the ellipse shape tool to add the circles (set it to draw from the centre)



          Add a new empty layer, set the ellipse tool to path and pull out a path round each circle


          Use the add anchor point tool (the pen with a + sign) to put a point at each side of the part the circle you want to remove.
          Then switch to the direct selection tool (the white arrow) select the points and delete them. The section between those points will be removed

          Now with the pen tool draw the straight lines

          Finally - stroke the path with a brush

          I hope that gets you started



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