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    Cataloging 15K photos


      I have over 15K photos I need to catalog very quickly. I don't want to rush the process (like Ryancare); I just want an efficient process that won't take forever. I like using keywords, because it's easier to search for them later. Folks, I want to start with a clean slate. All photos are in one place on an external drive. I'm starting with a grid view of all the photos and want to go from there. As an example, one grouping of Keywords like Color, Sunsets, Chicago, 2015. I think you kind of get the taxonomy scheme. Any suggestions? I'll give 50 bucks to Conquer Cancer Foundation for best suggestion.

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          This article is a good starting point: https://www.lightroomqueen.com/photo-keyword-ideas/


          Re "2015", LR has good tools for searching and filtering by date, so it's not necessary to add keywords for years and months. If the photos are scans, you can use Metadata > Edit Capture Time to assign capture dates.

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            allaboutamit Level 1

            I think a great way to start is to go shoot by shoot and start big (think global keywords) and then get more and more refined and specific. Ie if it was 15K worth of weddings shots - start by adding the most common keywords. Let's say Ceremony, Portraits, Reception, Details. My preferred method is to use the spray can tool (found on the Toolbar) and load up the keywords. Once you have all the Ceremony shots keyworded, then go in and start with the next biggest keywords eg Bride, Groom >  Once done, filter the images containing bride and add in the next common keyword. ie. flowers....


            Hope that makes sense, good luck!

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              IWV Level 1

              thank you - good advice. Also I've now found the Painter Tool works very well for quick assignment of labels, ratings or even keywords to a lot of photos at one time. This was the right tool to explore. also the video was useful.

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                IWV Level 1

                great guidance on developing a good taxonomy strategy. I've used this methodology in IT with developing easy to use Knowledge bases for employees. Having a better understanding of LR's cataloging tools makes this same process easily doable in LR